Peperomia Galaxy

Peperomia Galaxy

This stunning indoor plant has dark purple shiny leaves with green variegation and a pink underside. Not an easy plant to come by.

Comes in a moss Green ceramic pot

Peperomia have the ability to be propagated from any part of the plant, except for the roots. Being relatively easy to grow, Peperomias are also prized for their foliage and are definitely good a great plant for beginners


Medium light and can tolerate low light Can take up to a few hours of direct sunlight indoors.


Water weekly. Allow soil to dry out before watering. Soil about 1-2” down should be dry to touch. Water a bit more frequently during warmer months and fertilize during growth. Generally, the plant will droop or leaves will curl to show that it needs more water. Do not over water or keep the soil wet for too long, as this will encourage root rot.

Pet Friendly