Binda - That Little Flower Shop
Binda - That Little Flower Shop


"Binda" - meaning "Green Place" is used in the Aboriginal language, as a common name for Females.

We thought this name fits this particular arrangement as it showcases some of our finest native flora and fauna. Not to mention, it can stand our hot Queensland summers- That is of course you are changing the water over frequently and giving the stems a clean cut. Flowers like to drink fresh water just like us!

Natives, like most flowers, are also seasonal. Some will be around all year long and some may only have a very short season. If there's a particular Native flower that you would like to include in your Binda, just give our studio a phone call and we will guide you in creating your perfect Binda gift! Delivered in a ceramic pot

HOT TIP: You can dry this native bunch! It'll be the gift that keeps on giving! Remove the Bouquet from the vase and with a piece of string hang the flowers upside down for a week or so. Some of the flowers may fall, but this is something that'll you can keep for a very long time.

All flowers are subject to market availability so your arrangement may vary in colour and will not be made with the exact flowers pictured, but overall will reflect our "Binda"  style. For all specific requirements please contact us directly

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