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Bag it Up

Bag it Up

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"Bag it up" Oasis 2008


Whats in your Order

We are a foam free florist, and for those that don't realize- Floral foam is contributing to the growing crisis of plastic of pollution. In short it's made from synthetic, non-recyclable plastic.

So we have created this product to satisfy those "Box Arrangement Lovers"- This is our eco-friendly version..

It's a super cute garden style posy standing approx 25-30cm high arranged in a bag with a mason jar inside to keep it fresh.

This little guy is the perfect size to take to lunch, or the hospital but is no way understated either.

This is a very versatile option and is our top seller.

This gift comes with water so it's super easy for the recipients to care for, Maybe just remind them that a top up of water will be needed a few days after being received.

Every bag we create is different to the next. We use the brightest and happiest of blooms which reflect this generous gift. Each creation is unique as they are all hand-made using seasonal flowers, and yes, 'seasonal'- meaning the flowers will differ with the seasons, so it won't look exactly like the picture, but overall it will always look lovely.

Substitution Policy

Our promise to you and your recipient is to always deliver the freshest, bestest quality blooms we can source from our growers. In order to stay committed to quality (and because we work with Mother Nature) this occasionally may mean we need to make a substitution of flowers and colour choice. Please note that while we cannot guarantee the exact color will be, we do guarantee that your specific blooms will be fresh, beautiful and that you or your recipient will love it!

Caring for your flowers

The biggest thing all fresh flowers love is clean fresh water!

Remove water bag and wrapping and pop into your recycle bin

Wash your vase until sparkly clean, Add fresh water, Trim your flowers on a angle and place into water.

Repeat the above every 2 days and remove any spent flowers and leaves

Keep in a cool spot away from heat sources and drafts

Delivery Info

We deliver From Tewantin to Beerwah

We offer same day delivery to all suburbs but please check our FAQ page for postcode cut off times - they vary from suburb to suburb

If your order comes in after the cut off time it will be delivered the next working day.

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